OHHS Class Of 2017 Gives School High Marks In Exit Survey

Yarko Kuk

Members of the Ottawa Hills High School class of 2017 gave their Alma mater high marks in an exit survey completed by 71 of the graduates. With 97.2 percent of the class headed to either a two- or four-year college, 43.7 percent rated their educational experience at OHHS an "A" while an additional 50.7 percent gave their time at OHHS a "B." Two students, or 2.8 percent, gave OHHS a "C," while one grad gave it a "D."

The first portion of the survey consists of a number of yes or no questions.

Nearly the entire class, 95.8 percent, said they took advantage of the school's various extracurricular activities, which includes sports. Nearly 86 percent of the grads participated in service or volunteer work during the time at OHHS.

All of the graduates said the faculty had "high standards and expectations" when it came to the quality of the students' work. The students all agreed that teachers were willing to meet with them outside of class to provide extra academic help.

Over 95 percent of the grads said OHHS provided them with "a good foundation in the use of technology," while 87.3 percent said they received information and assistance through the guidance program to help with their post-secondary choices and plans.

For the other portion of the survey, respondents were asked to rank how they felt about specific statements using a five point scale: strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree.

More than 81 percent of the grads said they put forth their best effort in meeting their "responsibilities as an OHHS student." Nearly 93 percent of the grads feel the education they received was "worth the time and effort it required," while nearly 96 percent feel prepared for what they will be doing in the coming year.

Of the class of 2017, 81.7 percent felt OHHS provided enough elective classes so students could "explore and enjoy different learning opportunities."

Almost 72 percent of the grads feel "there was an atmosphere of mutual respect between students at OHHS," while an additional 25.4 percent were neutral on the matter.

The question with the widest range or responses was if "OHHS has an adequate and fair discipline system." While 54.9 percent agreed the system was fair, 26.8 percent were neutral, while the remaining 18.3 percent disagreed with the notion.

The school's administrative and support staff fared well, with nearly 79 percent of the grads agreeing the staff was helpful when needed. The quality of the school's facilities - building and equipment - received the thumbs up from 76.1 percent of the graduates.