3D Wellness Designs Treatment Plans Tailored To Client's Goals

Lilli Boice

3D Wellness Designs Treatment Plans Tailored To Client's Goals | 3D Wellness, Joani Donovan, Village Green

Joani Donovan's 3D Wellness is located in the Village Green, 4035 W. Central Ave.

After suffering a mild stroke at the age of 40, Joani Donovan decided that she needed to do something to take care of herself. She decided to go back to school for massage therapy so she could start to give people "a second chance at life," she says.

Born out of Donovan's determination to help people, 3D Wellness, which opened last October, is a comprehensive movement center located in the Village Green at 4035 W. Central Ave. While at first glance it may seem like the average massage and physical therapy center, 3D Wellness is much more.

"We decided to come up with 3D Wellness because the body needs to move three-dimensionally," Donovan says. "We need to help the clients breathe better, then we can help the clients move better, and then they can go out and live."

Donovan and her team of six other manual therapists do more than just help the body physically better. They don't simply give a massage and send clients on their way; instead, they create long-lasting changes to the body by focusing on the most important part of the body: the brain. "If we can change the brain, we can change the body," Donovan says.

New clients will go through a full evaluation when they come to 3D Wellness, including a physical therapy assessment, a muscle assessment, and more. After the assessments, a treatment plan will be created that caters specifically to the client's personal goals, such as addressing an injury or pain, improving at a sport, or simply learning how to live better, Donovan said.

The goal of the client is very important. 3D Wellness treats many clients who may request something like a massage, but leave having gotten something completely different, because it better aligned with the main goal of the client.

Donovan aims to emphasize that 3D Wellness is definitely not the basic massage and physical therapy center. "It's all one-on-one, hands-on," she says, "working with the brain, working with the person," says Donovan.

3D Wellness isn't just for those who are athletes or who are looking to address an injury. All kinds of people from all kinds of places come to see the 3D Wellness staff for assistance.

"I've worked on children as young as six months old for torticollis (a twisting of the muscles in the neck) all the way up to age 95. We see people who want to move better," Donovan says, "I see people from Cleveland, Chicago, Port Clinton, Dayton, Pittsburgh, Michigan. You can go from desk jockeys to people that stand all day to sit all day to triathletes who are running all day and rowing and going, okay, if you move, you need us. If you breathe, you need us. "

3D Wellness prides itself on being a place where people come to get their issues fixed quickly and efficiently. "The people who come here are people who want something different. They've tried traditional [physical therapy]. They've tried traditional chiropractic. They've tried massage. They've tried pain management clinics ... It's amazing to watch people walk in, and a month later, come in and be a totally different person. They'll walk in with a smile, or they've got makeup on, or they'll say they were on the ground with their kids for 30 minutes and they got up with no pain," Donovan says.

Another thing that sets 3D Wellness apart is the coordination and communication between the therapists. If Donovan isn't sure how to continue, she can ask Dr. Alisha Bruhl, another 3D Wellness staff member, who will perform her own assessment on the client. Donovan believes "you don't find anywhere else in the city of Toledo where you have a partnership, a strategic alliance with such like-minded and very qualified individuals."

Donovan adores what she does at 3D Wellness and wouldn't want it any other way. "We are changing lives. One step at a time. One breathe at a time. I so love what I do," she says. "I wouldn't be here from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. if I didn't. This is what gets me up out of bed every morning. I love it."